Breakfast and Dinner Restaurant Buffet

Enjoy the incredible Bogavante terrace at GR Caribe by solaris, a beachside restaurant with a unique panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea.

bogavante restaurant



Ceasar salad with smoken salmon and sugary olives
Prepared with lettuce, thin sheets of fresh salmon, caramelized green olives and capers sauce accompanied by red wine with honey and decorated with parmesan pennant.
Scallops salad with lettuce
Prepared with lettuce endive, french, radicchio, scallops, tomato, accompanied with lime vinaigrette with chopped chives.
Black forest salad
Chicken breast with black sesame, it come with julienne vegetables and soybean, served with peanut vinaigrette.
Lobster bisque
Sour cream, white wine, brandy, butter and species, served with lobster pieces
Leek and potato soup
Chicken broth, White wine, julienne leek and chicken

Grilled salmon with vegetables, carrot puree, roasted asparagus, accompanied by creamy red grapefruit sauce.
Beef steak with asparagus
Grilled beef steak in pepper sauce with steamed vegetables.
Proscciuto with red snapper fish
Marinated with garlic butter, aromatic species, and vegetables crudités, served with bell peppers sauce.
Capellini pasta with green fruit sauce
Prepared with fish veloute, green pepper, white wine, fine herbs, garlic, black mussels, natural cream decorated with roasted tomato.
Jamaica grill sea bass
Sea bass fillet with carrot, mashed banana accompanied with lettuce decorated with beet confetti.
Grilled rib eye
Rib Eye marinated with chimichurri sauce, served with baked potato and vegetables.
Mixed seafood
Garlic shrimp, rice fried squid, mussel in white wine accompanied of rice with mushroom decorated with red cabbage.
This menu is a sample.