Café Solaris

Breakfast and Dinner Restaurant Buffet

Start the day on the right track with a delicious and nutritious breakfast in an elegant atmosphere with Mediterranean-style decoration, our exclusive Café Solaris restaurant also awaits you to end your day with a delicious buffet dinner.

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Sample Buffet

The classic Mexican breakfast, nutritious and delicious meal prepared fried corn tortilla cut into triangles and bathed with spicy tomato sauce (green or red sauce) and shredded chicken breast, sliced onion, cream, and sprinkled with fresh cheese.
Get the energy for a day full of activities with an omelette made to order with your favorite ingredients, onion, coriander, sausage or bacon.
Scrambled eggs
Fresh seasonal fruit
Choose from our variety of seasonal fruits to sweeten your breakfast in the most healthy way possible.
If you want a light and healthy breakfast, we have for you a section of salads so you can create yours to your liking.
Hashbrown patties
Another basic for every breakfast. Fresh grated potatoes into deep fried patties until golden brown and crisp, yummy!
Grilled Sausages
Vienna type sausage, halved and perfectly grilled to accompany your little ones' breakfast.
Rice pudding
Delicious dessert typical of many countries made with the typical Mexican recipe, slowly cooking rice pudding, adding condensed milk, raisins, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, and a little lemon peel. Served with sprinkled cinnamon. ideal to finish your breakfast.

The classic of all breakfasts could not be absent, eat them to your liking, sweetened with honey and fruit, or salted with bacon. Delicious!
Choose from a variety of fresh bread to choose from: Sugar Loaf, Danish, French or the classic toast with jam.
Refried Mexican Beans
Another classic garnish for a complete mexican breakfast, Black beans smashed and fried, sprinkled with fresh cheese; Ideal for commpany your chilaquiles!
Fried Bacon
One of the basics for a breakfast, ideal to accompany scrambled eggs, omelettes, pancakes, or just because!
Cereals, yogurt and milk
Choose from the variety of cereals that we have for you so that you can prepare them as you like: with milk or yogurt, they are always an infallible option for the little ones breakfasts.
Accompany your breakfast with your favorite drink, we have for you: fresh orange juice, grapefruit or carrot, American coffee, fresh seasonal fruit water, whole milk, lactose-free milk, or purified water.
This menu is a sample.